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    2. Changzhou U-ASIA Precision Machine Co., Ltd

      Excellent service decide our brand awareness, decide the development direction of our professional technology. We will have been trying to, also please as always support and care.
      Measuring instrument series
      Working machinery series
      Precision machine tool series
      Part accessories series

      About us

      The company was established in April 2014, is located in the center of the nanjing, changzhou, formerly known as Japan co., U - TECH's firm, Japanese society is yu wild co., LTD Located in the center of Osaka, Japan's kansai's leading professional measuring tools vendors, Changzhou U - ASIA Precision Machine Co., Ltd is a collection of production and sales, domestic trade and import and export trade in one of professional automation components and non-standard automation equipment suppliers, relying on science and technology for development, continuously provide customers with satisfactory products and quality services. < br > corporate philosophy "trade-offs given can, responsibility is more important than mount tai". In the diversification of user requirements, complex era, our customer first for the principle, use their expertise to help customers solve technical problems. Good ?


      • 光學類測量儀器

        Optical Measuring Instruments Category

      • トルクレンチ,力量計


      • 深度千分尺

        Depth micrometer

      • MHB-3000數顯布氏硬度計

        MHB-3000Digital display brinell hardness tester

      • TNC-L20


      • LA-500[M]


      • LA-200M[L]